Our Company bringing straight from the hills of Kashmir, we supply the finest quality of organic Walnut (28mm to 34mm). Walnuts, also known as Juglans are one of the oldest tree food known to mankind and one of the best plant source of protein, fibre, vitamins, magnesium and anti-oxidants.
Parameters	Per 100gm
Food Energy	687kcal
Carbohydrate	11.0g
Protiens	15.6g
Minerals	1.8g
Fat (Ethu Extract)	64.5g
Calcium	100mg
Fibre	2.6g
Iron	4.8mg
Phosphorus	308mg
Thiamine	0.45mg
Vitamine E	10.01U
Nicotinic Acid	1.6mg
Improved cardiovascular health, Reduced cholestrol, Anti cancer properties, Prevent aging, Lower risk of blood pressure, Skin glorification.